Good Soup: Catching up with the CLC

In these first few months of the Canadian Learning Community for Decolonization and Innovation in Theological Education (CLC), whether in meeting halls, on walks, over great meals or in late night theological chats, we are becoming a spiritual community where beautiful things are happening.

Meet Shari Russell, director of NAIITS

“NAIITS, for me, isn't just an education. It's community. It's family. It's embraced my entire life and has been transformational, even in my calling as a minister,” Shari said.

Meet Casey Church

This Indigenous Veterans Day, NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community honors those members of the Learning Community who have served, including NAIITS faculty member and Indigenous Pathways board member Leonard “Casey” Church.

NAIITS welcomes Nichole Forbes as program coordinator

Nichole brings her perspective as a Métis Christian who has sought to decolonize her own life and experience to the Canadian Learning Community for Decolonization and Innovation in Theological Education.

NAIITS welcomes Mike Hogeterp as lead facilitator

Mike will coordinate the Canadian Learning Community for Decolonization and Innovation in Theological Education, a NAIITS-led multi-school partnership to decolonize theological education.

NAIITS... The Next Generation

In a spirit of deep thankfulness and continued dependence on our Creator and on each other, Indigenous Pathways is pleased to congratulate Shari Russell as she takes up the role as full Director of NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community.

Founding Director Terry LeBlanc and his wife Bev now move into the next season of their lives taking on positions as resident “elders” of Indigenous Pathways and Terry as Director Emeritus of NAIITS. Terry will also dedicate himself to writing, disseminating novel approaches to indigenizing and decolonizing theologies, and enjoying community with friends and relatives of Abegweit First Nation Mi’kmaw community where Terry and Bev are honoured to serve in a teaching capacity at the Healing Centre.


NAIITS News from Australia

The partnership of NAIITS and the University of Divinity (UD) is transitioning! 

After nearly six years of a mutually beneficial partnership delivering post-graduate theological education with Indigenous Australians, each is now heading in different directions – NAIITS to a new set of opportunities for expanded program delivery, and the UD to focus on its new School of Indigenous Studies (SIS).

Pathways for Tomorrow Grant Builds on NAIITS’ Strengths!

Indigenous Pathways US receives $5 Million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. through its Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative. 

 Indigenous Pathways US (IP) is grateful to Lilly Endowment for this opportunity. This second grant, which Lilly Endowment made through Phase 3 of its Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative, situates NAIITS, the educational member of Indigenous Pathways, as the lead in a multi-school project to increase theological educational capacity.