Director Emeritus

Terry LeBlanc, PhD DD (hc)

Terry has been active in full-time vocational ministry with the Native North American community since 1978. He is currently CEO and Director of Indigenous Pathways overseeing iEmergence and NAIITS. He has been the recipient of three fellowships and the Student of Highest Distinction award. He completed his PhD at Asbury Theological Seminary and was awarded the DD honoris causa by Acadia University in 2015 and by Knox College in 2019.

Specializations: Theology, World Religions, Community Development Studies


Shari Russell, PhD (cand.)

Shari is treaty status Saulteaux (Anishinaabe) from Yellow Quill First Nation in Saskatchewan. As a young child she and two of her siblings were removed from their home on the reserve during the Sixties Scoop. Shari was reunited with her family in 2002 embarking a journey of reclaiming her culture and traditions. As an ordained Officer in The Salvation Army, Shari serves as the Territorial Indigenous Ministries Consultant and has been actively involved in Indigenous ministry since 2004. The Salvation Army has seconded her to NAIITS as part of their denominational commitment to reconciliation. Shari has been part of the NAIITS community since 2002 and has served as Chair of the Board for Indigenous Pathways. She is married to Robert and they have three adult sons: Charles, Gavin and Brannon who bring much joy and delight to their lives.

Vince Bantu, PhD
Cheryl Bear, DMin
Mark Brett, PhD
Casey Church, D.I.C.
Damian Costello, PhD
Sherelle Cotecson, MA
Patricia Courtenay, PhD (cand.)
T. Christopher Hoklotubbe, ThD
Kimberlee Medicine Horne Jackson, MA
Kelsey Dayle Garay, PhD
John McNeill, PhD
Andy Mitchell, MA(IS)
Susangeline Patrick, PhD
Julene Pommert, PhD
Andy Reimer, PhD
Dave Skene, MA-INCD
Marcelo Vargas, PhD
Kenneth Wallace, DWS
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Stephanie Goins, PhD
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John and Gerri GrosVenor
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