NAIITS - A Learning Community

NAIITS, is one of the two divisions of Indigenous Pathways, a non-sectarian organization dedicated to encouraging the Indigenous community to develop and to articulate Indigenous perspectives on theology and practice. We encourage the development and implementation of Indigenous learning styles and world views through encouraging the development of a body of written work that addresses biblical, theological, and ethical issues from within Native North American and other Indigenous perspectives. We do so in concert with those of other ethnicities who would speak into this context. NAIITS currently has five degree program partnerships offering four MA programs and a PhD program.

We seek to facilitate the creation of a written theological foundation for a) the visioning of new paradigms to reach Native North Americans and other Indigenous peoples with the Good News of Jesus; and, b) the contextualization of the Good News in Indigenous communities

We seek to develop theological partnerships with other cultural communities of faith which will ensure the voice of Jesus is heard in all ways and will ensure biblical orthodoxy in all things.

NAIITS is dedicated to genuine dialogue with the historical traditions of Christianity and values the written and living resources encompassed in these traditions

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop and instruct from a body of theology and biblical teaching that resonates with the culture and traditions of Indigenous peoples. For generations, Indigenous peoples have believed Christian faith required them to become like Euro North Americans. Many still do! They lived the false dichotomy of belief that a fulfilled relationship with the Creator required rejection of their own culture and the adoption of another. In best case scenarios Indigenous people struggle to embrace “God” in the Christianity of a secularized western culture. In the worst case, they have rejected “God” in the person of Jesus because of western Christianity’s perceived cultural requirements.

We are dedicated to the development of increased theological capacity in the Indigenous community.

NAIITS believes our Creator has called us to operate beyond these historic boundaries, committing to a partnership of visionary, like-minded organizations to achieve its educational goals. Partnerships with theological institutions throughout Canada and the United States provide a solid foundation for impacting Indigenous peoples, and building new bridges and renewed relationships with denominational leaders. NAIITS works in partnership with denominational leadership in the task of preparing their leaders for the many expressions of the future Indigenous church. Emerging Indigenous theologians are also critical to developing a body of material from which to address issues of concern in this new era of expanded potential. NAIITS facilitates critical opportunities for this to occur in churches that neither understand Indigenous history and culture nor celebrate the traditions important to most Indigenous peoples. So, the challenges to these new opportunities begins with refocused biblical theology expressed specifically with this in mind. Symposiums, training programs, journal and partnerships; NAIITS facilitates and encourages the unique theological perspectives of Indigenous peoples, furthering the development of a growing set of diverse materials on: Theology, Ministry, Evangelism and Discipleship.