NAIITS’ academic degrees offer open-ended opportunities for the global Indigenous community to be part of a flexible program of learning.

NAIITS symposiums are themselves learning communities, unique in their blend of academic and practitioner teaching.

NAIITS has carefully selected partners who are clearly Jesus-focused in their worldview and mission, and who respect Indigenous leadership.

We invite you to participate with Indigenous leaders from around the world and become part of a diverse group of highly dedicated visionaries.



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Elijah Harper Education Fund

Richard Twiss Education Fund

NAIITS 21st Annual Symposium

"Dreaming Our World Home: The Roots and Role of Visions in Creating Indigenous Futures / an Indigenous Future"

June 6-8, 2024
Co-hosted by
KAIROS University
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA


Good Soup: Catching up with the CLC

In these first few months of the Canadian Learning Community for Decolonization and Innovation in Theological Education (CLC), whether in meeting halls, on walks, over great meals or in late night theological chats, we are becoming a spiritual community where beautiful things are happening.

Meet Shari Russell, director of NAIITS

“NAIITS, for me, isn't just an education. It's community. It's family. It's embraced my entire life and has been transformational, even in my calling as a minister,” Shari said.


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New NAIITS Journals!

NAIITS publishes a Journal coming out of it's annual symposium. Get yours today!

New NAIITS Journals!

NAIITS publishes a Journal coming out of it's annual symposium. Gets yours today!

Elijah Harper Educational Fund