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Quality Academics

NAIITS’ academic degrees offer open-ended opportunities for First Nations, Metis, Inuit and others of Indigenous ancestry to be part of a flexible program of learning.

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NAIITS symposiums are themselves learning communities, unique in their blend of academic and practitioner teaching.

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Support Us

We invite you to participate with Indigenous leaders from around the world and become part of a diverse group of highly dedicated visionaries.

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Our Partners

NAIITS has carefully selected partners who are clearly Jesus-focused in their worldview and mission, and who respect Indigenous leadership.

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Providing resources to the members of our learning community for personal and community growth is the goal of the NAIITS store.

Indigenous Peoples & Christian Higher Education: a Consultation

Sponsored by NAIITS & CHEC
Providence Univ. College, Otterburne, MB
May 25-27, 2014
Over 25 people from nine institutions took part in a follow-up session to an initial symposium that took place at Booth Univ. College in Winnipeg, MB, in May 2013. This second event was sponsored by NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community, and CHEC (Christian Higher Education Canada). Its focus was on the development of cooperative ways of supporting Indigenous students in their pursuit of distinctive, Biblically sound, and academically rigorous programs of study, respectful of Indigenous worldviews. Read More...
George Fox University
(June 11, 2014)
Terry LeBlanc and Ray Aldred on Context with Lorna Dueck
Mar 21, 2013)
100 Huntley Street
MTS Degree
(Nov 27, 2012)
100 Huntley Street
Indigenous Pathways
(Mar 15, 2012)
Indigenous Pathways Introduction
(Sept 2, 2011)
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Call for Proposals for the 12th Annual Symposium on Indigenous Theology -- "Theology of Reconciliation: Les Sauvages et Le Sophistiqué"
Visit NAIITS Academics for information on applications and scholarships!
NAIITS - A Learning Community
NAIITS is a Non-sectarian organization dedicated to encouraging the Native North American community to develop and to articulate Native North American perspectives on theology and practice. We encouraging the development and implementation of Native North American learning styles and world views through encouraging the development of a body of written work that addresses biblical, theological, and ethical issues from Native North American perspectives in concert with those of other ethnicities who would speak into this context.