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10th Annual NAIITS Symposium Call for Papers
Shaping Faith: How Language Informs the Journey co-hosted by Tyndale University College and Seminary
June 6 - 8, 2013
Scope of Topics:

NAIITS invites proposals from both scholars and practitioners for papers and panels on the topic of “Shaping Faith: How Language Informs the Journey”. Papers that utilize any of a broad range of research methodologies will be considered. Submissions should address one or more of the following topics:

Examining the implications of verb-based over against noun-based languages on the perceptions of the relationship of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. How, if at all, does the nature and focus of the relationship change between the three persons of the Trinity when expressed in verb-based thought? What, if any, are the ways in which faith is framed differently as a result?

Unpacking the gendered language of faith. How does a gendered language describe the nature of the Creator, of faith and of faith's journey differently, if at all, from languages which are non-gendered? What do we need to learn about faith's journey from the clearly different linguistic and therefore social realities described in Indigenous non-gendered languages of thought?

Contrasting Native North American Evangelicalism and expressions of faith as framed by majority language usage where Indigenous language usage predominates. What social and/or structural differences are present? How do these differences influence relationships: between people and their Creator, with other people and with the rest of creation?

Exploration of Indigenous understandings of the teachings embedded in the First and Second Testaments of the Scriptures as experienced through the listening ear of the mother-tongue speaker. How do non-European languages affect doctrine – its perception and impact? What are the implications for the life of the one who seeks to follow the Jesus Way?

Identification of potential implications from encouraging Indigenous language use through and within missional ecclesiology. How would this/does this impact understanding the nature of the biblically framed Great Commission?

Submissions on topics that relate clearly to the overall theme will also be considered.

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NAIITS - An Indigenous Learning Community
NAIITS an Indigenous Learning Community ( formerly the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies) is one of two members of Indigenous Pathways (IP), a nonsectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to working together with the Indigenous community. NAIITS’ focus within IP is the development and articulate of Indigenous perspectives in theology and practice. We encourage Indigenous learning styles and world views in our instruction as we facilitate the development of a body of work addressing biblical, theological, and ethical issues from Indigenous perspectives. NAIITS currently has five degree program partnerships offering graduate, and post-graduate degree or award programs.
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