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NAIITS Symposium 2007
Location: North American Baptist Seminary
Sioux Falls, SD
Dates: November 29 – December 1, 2007
Scope of Topics:

In anticipation of this symposium NAIITS invites proposals for papers and panels on the topic Redemption, Reconciliation, and Restoration: Journeys Toward Wholeness. Papers that utilize any of a broad range of research methodologies will be considered. Submissions should address one or more of the following topics. Submissions on topics that relate clearly to the overall theme also will be considered.

• Traditional Native North American definitions and perceptions of justice
• Restorative Justice: movements toward intimacy
• Communal healing from historical trauma
• Corrections, penal systems and community involvement
• Spiritual and Theological roots of justice and oppression
• Decolonizing justice

Other areas of focus may include:
• Decolonizing theologies of redemption and their practices; Theologies of suffering; Promises of Prosperity and Suicide; Selling Indulgences in the Bush; Sanctification, histories of exploitation and oppression
• Truth-telling and other steps toward wholeness; Sanctified Community; Facing Racism; Beyond Solitudes; Embracing Others
• Theological roots of injustice and oppression; Definitions and perceptions of justice; Restorative justice: a move toward intimacy;
• Decolonizing justice; Penal systems and community; Communal healing from historical trauma; The role of the church
• Spiritual aspects of destruction and wholeness; Integrated understandings of spiritual encounter; Wholeness: Individual, communal and spiritual; Christian and Aboriginal perspectives on spirituality (within this context)
• Methodologies of oppression and freedom

Papers should strive to show how traditional practices within the Native North American contexts and cultural perspectives might be strengthened and implemented, or how new ideas and practices of contextualization might further the goals of Native mission and the advance of Native people in life, service, and ministry following Jesus. Papers should address themselves to traditional missional ideas of Native Christian faith, as well as contemporary Native Christian thought related to contextualization.

Honoured to be a candidate for accreditation by:

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