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NAIITS Symposium 2006
Historical Efforts to Contextualize the Gospel: Perspectives and Practices
Location: Asbury Theological Seminary
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204 N. Lexington Avenue Wilmore, KY 40390-1199 USA
Dates: June 22-24, 2006
Scope of Topics:

In anticipation of this symposium NAIITS invites proposals for papers and panels on the topic “Historical Efforts to Contextualize the Gospel: Perspectives and Practices.” Papers that utilize any of a broad range of research methodologies will be considered. Submissions should address one or more of the following questions and concerns.

• What Native practices and perspectives of a contextualized Christian faith are historically evident and how do they relate to the scripture?
• How do these practices and perspectives translate traditional Native traditions and values?
• How does/can contextualization contribute to more effective discipleship, outreach and community development?
• How do Native and Christian values intersect in the shaping of practical tasks associated with Contextualization?
• What place does Contextualization have in the Native church?
• Is it possible to integrate strong traditional Native values, practices, cultural forms and artifacts to create positive outcomes for Native people and communities? If so, how?

Papers should strive to show how traditional practices and cultural perspectives might be strengthened and implemented, or how new ideas and practices of contextualization might further the goals of Native mission and the advance of Native people in Christian life, service, and ministry. Papers should address themselves to traditional missional ideas of Native Christian faith, as well as contemporary Native Christian thought related to contextualization.

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NAIITS - An Indigenous Learning Community
NAIITS an Indigenous Learning Community ( formerly the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies) is one of two members of Indigenous Pathways (IP), a nonsectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to working together with the Indigenous community. NAIITS’ focus within IP is the development and articulate of Indigenous perspectives in theology and practice. We encourage Indigenous learning styles and world views in our instruction as we facilitate the development of a body of work addressing biblical, theological, and ethical issues from Indigenous perspectives. NAIITS currently has five degree program partnerships offering graduate, and post-graduate degree or award programs.
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