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Steve Bell

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Born into a musical family, Steve Bell has been performing and touring since he was eight years old. As Steve’s father was a prison Chaplain, it was federal prisoners in Drumheller Penitentiary who taught the young boy to play guitar at an early age. Bell recounts fondly, “I now perform world-over because Canada’s most unwanted men invested in me when I was a boy.”

In the early eighties Steve began to make his mark with the acclaimed folk trio Elias, Schritt and Bell. But it wasn’t until he ventured out on his own that his career stats started to shimmer. Since his first solo release in 1989, Comfort My People, Bell has released 16 CDs, three concert videos and performed over 1500 concerts across Canada, the US, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, and throughout the Caribbean.

More recently, Steve’s work has won him 26 concerts with Symphony orchestras across Canada and into the US. In December 2011 a rapt, capacity crowd gathered to take in his concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Massey Hall.

In 1997, Steve was awarded the first JUNO Award for the category of Best Gospel Album. He has since received a second JUNO in 2000 and in the ensuing years has been awarded multiple Prairie Music, Western Canada Music and Covenant Awards.

With the 2012 release of his 17th career CD, Keening for the Dawn – Christmastide, Steve displays a rare longevity and commitment to his vocation. For this commitment, along with his advocacy work for the less fortunate, Steve has been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Michael Jacobs

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Michael’s professional music career began as a songwriter and guitarist in Nashville, TN. His debut solo CD, Sacred Nation, received the 2003 Native American Music Award for Best Independent Recording. His follow-up, They Come Dancing, was nominated in 2004. The Journey, Michael’s third CD, received a 2006 Indian Summer Music Award, and was nominated for a 2006 Just Plain Folks Award and two 2007 Native American Music Awards. Mystery, Michael’s next release, covering topics from the environment and politics to the ecstasy and agony of life and relationships, received two 2008 Indian Summer Music Awards: for Best Pop Recording and Best Rock Recording. Chasing The Wind was nominated for four 2010 Indian Summer Music Awards.

Michael's latest, The Art Of Peace, is a blend of powerful roots rock, pop, and folk, with Native American influences. With personal songs of love and loss, to commentary on social issues and our shared humanity, this CD is insightful, yet very entertaining

To date, Michael has performed at over 197 colleges and universities in 45 states, besides numerous libraries, museums, pow-wows, festivals, and fairs across the U.S. and Canada. A member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, Michael is an accomplished musician, and writing great songs remains his sole desire and fuels his ambition.

Cheryl Bear

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Cheryl Bear is from the Bear Clan in the Nadleh Whut'en First Nation. She is an award winning recording artist:

Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards 2007:
Best New Artist
Best Single: "Hey Cuzzin'!"
Best Songwriter

GMA's Covenant Awards:
Best Aboriginal Artist 2008
Beat Aboriginal Song: "Residential School Song"

Native American Music Award:
Best New Artist 2008
Best Compilation CD: Color of Hope 2011

Her three CD's are, Cheryl Bear (self titled), The Good Road, A' BA She is currently traveling throughout Canada visiting First Nations communities having concerts and talking about tough issues like suicide, Residential School and also talking about healing through Creator's Son, Yeshua.

"The Band" is our family, Randy, Cheryl, Paul, Randall and Justice. We travel full time so send up a prayer for us!

Cheryl and Randy have planted two churches together, Street Church on the Downtown Eastside of Vancovuer, (known as the poorest neighbourhood in Canada) and First Nations Church in Los Angeles, California. Their home church is Kingsway Foursquare Church at 4061 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC and they are ordained through the Canadian Foursquare Church of Canada.

Cheryl has completed a Doctorate of Ministry (2009) through The King's Seminary in Van Nuys, California. She has a Master of Divinity from Regent College, (Vancouver, BC), and a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC.

Broken Walls

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Broken Walls was conceived in 1995 by Jonathan Maracle, (a Mohawk from Tyendinaga Territory in Ontario, Canada) while attending a conference called the Sacred Assembly in Ottawa/Hull. As different First Nations speakers shared, they spoke of the walls that have been built between the visitors to this land and the First Nations people, Jonathan began to see the need for these walls to be broken and wrote the song “Broken Walls” on the spot and performed it on the drum at this Gathering.

Broken Walls now consists of Bill Pagaran (Tlingit) from Palmer, Alaska on the drums, Kris DeLorenzi (Italian) from Thunder Bay, Ontario on bass and backup vocals, and Jonathan Maracle (Mohawk) lead vocalist and guitarist. Broken Walls base many of their songs on the ancient sounds of the First Nations People of North America and often perform around their large Pow Wow drum, singing songs of and to the Creator. The band has a team of First Nations Dancers that often accompany them in full regalia when they perform.

Broken Walls travels year round and has toured worldwide over the past 10 years performing in places such as Peru, Mexico, China, Hawaii, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Costa Rica, and extensively across North America. They have taken the healing quality of their music into many places where restoration and reconciliation were needed, with great results.