11th Annual NAIITS Symposium
Call for Papers

Indigenous Reality: Moving Beyond Colonial and Post-colonial Conversations
co-hosted by George Fox University and Evangelical Seminary
Newberg, OR
June 5 - 7, 2014

Scope of Topics:

Reaction to colonization has produced varied responses to the Christian faith in contemporary Native North America, as it has in other parts of the Indigenous world. Yet most of these reactions continue to be framed largely by colonial language and thought – either in reaction to or borrowing from the language of colonial Christian faith. Post-colonial language and thought, some would argue, continues the same process.

NAIITS invites proposals from both scholars and practitioners for papers and panels on the topic of “Indigenous Reality: Moving Beyond the Colonial and Post-colonial Conversation.” Papers that utilize any of a broad range of research methodologies will be considered. Submissions should address one or more of the following topics:

1) Contrasting Native North American conversations and writings, regarding Christian faith, with those from other colonized peoples so as to determine whether a common language is emerging that moves beyond colonial and postcolonial constructs into establishing a Christian identity not in contrast to the “other,” but rather as a Christian identity in its own right;

2) The role of re-traditionalization/reclamation on the formation of Christian identity as distinct from that of the colonial and postcolonial church;

3) Potential implications of encouraging Indigenous expressions of Christian faith and life that are not rooted in the trajectories created by Indigenous colonial experiences of Christian faith and the church traditions with which these have been associated, on the one hand, or influenced by the often negative criticism of Christianity in the postcolonial conversation on the other;

4) Submissions on topics that relate clearly to the overall theme will also be considered.

Papers should strive to demonstrate how traditional understandings within Indigenous contexts and cultural perspectives might be strengthened, or how new ideas and practices of contextualization might be implemented to further the goals of Native ministry and the advance of Native people in life, service, and the spiritual journey with Jesus. Papers could address themselves to both traditional and more contemporary ideas of Native Christian faith, as well as contemporary Native Christian thought related to contextualization.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must include a brief personal bio and both an abstract of not more than 150 words and a proposal for the type of presentation intended of not more than 1000 words. The proposal must include a clear statement of your argument and enough context to show that you are aware of the basic issues and literature of the field. The proposal is the document on which submissions will be evaluated and selected. Abstracts and bios provided for selected submissions will be used in advertisements and symposium materials. Selected papers will be allotted 40 minutes for presentation. There will be respondents for the papers. Selected panels will be allotted 90 minutes.

Submission of Papers

Papers should be theoretically solid and practical. Submissions will be evaluated in light of their potential to contribute to the Symposium. To encourage dialogue we welcome submissions from various perspectives, from Native presenters as well as those from supportive non-Native presenters. Papers must adhere to Turabian Seventh Edition; in Times Roman 12 font; have complete footnotes and Works Cited. Papers may be distributed to selected respondents and will be published in the NAIITS Journal. Finished papers must be submitted by April 1, 2014.

Submission of Panels

Submissions of panels (please be sure this is a panel) are welcome and should include the same materials as those for individual papers (brief bio of the chairperson, abstract and proposal; both of which deal with the focus of the proposed panel). Also included must be a participant list with bios and abstracts for each.

Submission Deadline and Requirements

The deadline for submissions of proposals
for papers and panels
January 15, 2014

Please submit your proposal electronically to:
Karen Ward, Symposium Coordinator at symposium@naiits.com