Kyle Taylor Passed from Life to Life - March 13, 2020

The NAIITS community is deeply saddened by the loss of our friend, our brother, and our colleague, Kyle Taylor.
Kyle passed from this side of our common journey of life, to the one that awaits all who have faith, yesterday, March 13, 2020. He joins the one who made him, and commissioned his life, his Lord and Restorer, Jesus. Our Pawnee brother was a faithful travel companion for all on the trail of contextual ministry and learning. He was the Selfie King; the court jester; the man who spied out the land, and seeing that it held much promise, he entered in and was deeply satisfied with what he found. His humour was unique, his drive to teach and train the next generation inexhaustible. He served faithfully as a member of faculty at Bacone College and also with NAIITS.

Together with his beloved Marcia and their boys, his life bore much fruit.

He will be deeply missed by all. Please pray for Marcia and the family at this time of loss and grief.