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Ray Aldred, TH.D [ABD] (Cree)

Adjunct Professor of Theology, Indigenous Studies
Th.D., Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

Areas of specialization: Theology

Ray graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Canadian Theological Seminary with his B.Th. and his M.Div. degrees. The Former Director of the First Nations Alliance Churches in Canada, Ray currently teaches theology at Ambrose University College and Seminary. He is a contributor to and product of the NAIITS approach to theological and Biblical training. Ray is married to Elaine. They have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.
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Terry LeBlanc, Ph.D., D.D. (h.c.) (Mi'kmaq-Acadian)

Director of NAIITS/ Faculty of Theology, Anthropology, Community Development
Ph.D. Asbury Theological Seminary, 2012

Areas of specialization: Theology, Anthropology, and Community Development

Terry has been active in full-time vocational ministry with the Native North American community since 1978. He is currently CEO and Director of Indigenous Pathways overseeing the programs of My People, iEmergence, and NAIITS. He has been the recipient of three fellowships and the Student of Highest Distinction award. He completed his Ph.D. at Asbury Theological Seminary and was awarded the D.D. honoris causa by Acadia University in 2015.
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Cheryl Bear, D.Min. (Carrier Sekani)

Adjunct Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Evangelism
D.Min., Masters, The King's University, 2009

Areas of specialization: Evangelism

Cheryl is a Carrier Sekani from Prince George, BC. From her work of building a street church and Bible school with First Nations people in downtown Vancouver, BC, to her award-winning music, Cheryl displays creativity in mission like few others. She is a pastor, itinerant minister, and NAIITS board member. Cheryl has 3 sons. Cheryl published Introduction to First Nations Ministry in 2013.
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David Skene, MA-INCD (Métis)

MA-INCD Acadia University and Divinity College (2017)

Areas of Specialization: Cultures and Change, Community Development

Dave Skene is Métis of Scottish, French, Menominee and Cree descent. Dave is married to Liz Becker and right now they make their home in Kitchener Ontario. Dave is the founding director of Global Youth Volunteer Network, an international organization working to educate and then mobilize young people towards making a positive impact in their world. Dave has led numerous teams of Canadian youth on international volunteer and educational projects. He has taught on justice and community development across Canada as well as internationally. Dave’s current focus in GYVN is on issues of Urban Indigenous food security, Indigenous agricultural practices, and land based education. Dave was a member of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Canadian Leadership team from 1996-2016, and is now involved in a mentorship role with several YWAM Operating Locations in North America.
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Jacqueline Ottmann, Ph.D. (Saulteaux)

Adjunct Professor of Leadership Studies
Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan, 2005

Areas of specialization: Native education and leadership development

In addition to a number of academic and research fellowships and an extensive publishing history, Jackie has taught on Native Leadership and education for many years. She earned her B.Ed. degree from the University of Calgary going on to complete her M.Ed. and PhD in Education at the University of Saskatchewan. She has contributed extensively to literature in the field of Native education and leadership development. She is currently full-time faculty with the University of Calgary and part-time with NAIITS.
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John Mcneill, Ph.D. (Scottish/Irish Canadian)

Ph.D. Trinity International University, 1995

Areas of Specialization: Anthropology, Intercultural Studies, Education

John, a run-of-the-mill Caucasian Canadian (Scots, Irish, German, Norwegian and some suspected Metis roots) is the husband of Christel, born in Saxony, then East Germany. Their 47 year-long marriage has produced 4 adult daughters and 11 grandchildren. John studied across the spectrum of pure sciences, psychology, theology and pedagogy before landing in the realm of anthropology (with a Ph.D. from TIU in Chicago, 1995). He and Christel have worked and taught in a variety of missionary and some semi-communal settings across North America and Central and Eastern Europe, including in many regions of the Former Soviet Union.
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Danny Zacharias, Ph.D. (Cree)

Ph.D. (University of Aberdeen), 2014

Areas of specialization: Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages

Danny is a graduate of Acadia Divinity College, with both his Master of Divinity and Master of Arts (Theology). Previous to this Danny resided in Winnipeg where he earned his Bachelor of Arts at Providence College. He currently teaches Introduction to Greek, Introduction to Hebrew, along with other classes in biblical studies, alongside his administrative responsibilities relating to technology at ADC.
More than any other achievements, Danny is most proud to call Maria his wife, Lex and Jack his sons, and Ella-Rose his little princess.
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Andy Reimer, Ph.D. (Mennonite)

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies
Ph.D. University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England, 1999

Areas of specialization: Old and New Testament

Andy Reimer is a biblical studies specialist with a lifelong interest in how gospel and culture go hand in hand. Growing up on the Canadian prairies, Andy spent part of his childhood living beside the Peguis First Nation while his father served as part-time minister in a local reserve church. Andy's PhD studies and subsequent academic research have explored themes of Christianity and culture. Following his PhD studies, in addition to working as a full time biblical studies professor, Andy spent seven years working in an urban First Nations church context. Today, Andy splits his time between teaching/researching in biblical studies, and working on initiatives to make the Canadian oil industry safer.
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Julene Pommert, PhD (Blackfeet)

Areas of specialization: Conflict Resolution, Cultures and Systems, Family Systems

Julene is an experienced teacher and public speaker. She has invested over twenty years in professional development and leadership, including volunteer work. She is also a relational counselor and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapist (EMDR). She resides in Seattle, WA.
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Shari Russell, M.A. (Saulteaux)

Adjunct Professor of- Leadership Studies
M.A., Providence Theological Seminary, 1994

Shari is stationed in Southern Ontario and is a field training officer/instructor and the Territorial Aboriginal Liaison. She was born into the Saulteaux First Nation in Saskatchewan and was part of what is known as the ‘Sixties Scoop’ where approximately 20,000 Aboriginal children were taken from their families and put into foster care. While Shari was earning her BA in Christian Education she also met her husband, Robert Russell. Shari followed her BA with an MA in Christian education from Providence Seminary. Feeling called to full-time ministry with The Salvation Army, the Russell’s entered training college in 1997. They were commissioned in 1
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Kelsey Dayle John, PhD. Cand. (Diné)

Biliganna nishłį́, Tł’ááshchi’i báshíshchíín, Biliganna dashicheii, Bit’ahnii dashinálí. (I’m white, born for the Red Bottom clan, my maternal grandfather is white, and my paternal grandfather is Under His Arm clan).

Kelsey (Diné) is a PhD Candidate in the Cultural Foundations of Education program at Syracuse University. She is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. Kelsey holds a B.A. from Colgate University in Educational Studies and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Women’s and Gender Studies from Syracuse University.

Her PhD dissertation is on Diné Tribal Colleges and Universities and the connection between community and academic knowledge’s. Kelsey’s research interests include Indigenous and decolonizing methodologies, Tribal Colleges and Universities, settler colonial studies, livestock, land, and epistemology. In her free time, she rides horses, runs, and is learning Diné Bizaad. 
Susangeline Patrick

Susangeline Patrick, Ph.D. (Eurasian American)

Ph.D Asbury Theological Seminary

Area of Specialization: History of Christianity, World Christainity, Historical-Theology, and Visual Art in Mission History.

Susangeline has earned her Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies (Historical-Theology concentration) from Asbury Theological Seminary. She also holds an MA in Theological Studies and an MA in Intercultural Studies. She has spent twelve years working with university students and youth in Central Asia and the United States from 2003-2015. She currently teaches History of Christianity I, II, as well as North American Church History from an Indigenous Perspective. For her dissertation research, she has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and North America. Her teaching and research focus on the Indigenous and global aspects of Christian mission history, highlighting Indigenous Christian movements, contextual theology, and women in mission history. She also serves as secretary of the faculty at NAIITS.
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Kyle Taylor, Ed.D. (ABD) (Pawnee)

Ed.D. (ABD) Grand Canyon University

Areas of Specialization: Indigenous Leadership Studies, Decolonization and Education

Kyle Taylor, enrolled member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma is Director of Center for American Indians and Coordinator for American Indian Ministry Program at Bacone College. Kyle is an Assistant Professor at Bacone and holds a Masters degree in Leadership and will complete his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Development this year. Kyle's dissertation topic is the Influence of Traditional Paradigms of America Indian leadership at Native American Serving Non Tribal Institutions. Kyle's research interests are neuroscience of leadership, emotional intelligence, missional leadership and contextual theology. Kyle resides in Muskogee, OK with his wife Marcia, four sons, daughter in law and two grandsons.
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Kimberlee Medicine Horn Jackson, M.A. (Yankton Sioux)

M.A. George Fox University/NAIITS, 2015

Areas of Specialization: Indigenous Research and Writing, Indigenous Studies

Kimberlee teaches English Composition I and II at Kent State University Geauga Campus in Burton, Ohio. She brings Native American history to the class room as a hidden layer in American history to open a discussion between the Native and white culture. She uses rhetorical writing strategies to help students understand the complexities of intercultural intersections. She serves as the Writing Consultant for the Writing Lab at both the Burton and Regional Academic Center in Twinsburg, Ohio.
Kimberlee also teaches English Composition I for Ashland University’s Prison Outreach Program and has taught at the local community college. These experiences enrich and inform her how to move fluidly among diverse populations and to encourage the more marginalized voices of our time to emerge.
Kimberlee’s poetry and essays are both in print and online publication. Recent editing credits include a Lenten Native American Devotional and a Christian fiction book.
Kimberlee studies and writes about the intersection between Native Americans and Christianity and how that informs our process of healing and restoration from historical traumas for both people groups involved.
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Casey Church, D.Miss (Potawotomi)

Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies and Indigenous Spirituality

Areas of specialization: Intercultural Studies, Indigenous Spirituality

Casey is a Pokagon Band Potawatomi member of southwest Michigan. His Potawatomi name is Ankwawango, which means, “Hole in the Cloud”. His wife Lora, their five children and he live in Albuquerque, New Mexico where they have lived for the past fifteen years.
Casey and his wife Lora have pastored a Native church plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1996 to 2000 which would become one of the first contextualized worship services in the country.
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Beth Wood, MSW (Scottish Canadian)

M.S.W. Wilfred Laurier University

Areas of Specialization: Social Work, Trauma Informed Care, Community Development

After working in inner city contexts in Canada for a number of years, Beth spent 7 years mentoring and training in local-church based community development ministries. She developed Projeto Equipar which brought Brazilian professionals to Angola to provide training and discipleship activities. She has been the Lead of the Rwanda Vineyard Partnership and continues her involvement in community development activities in Canada, Brazil and Africa.

Honoured to be a candidate for accreditation by:

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NAIITS - An Indigenous Learning Community
NAIITS (formerly North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies) is one of two divisions of Indigenous Pathways, a non-sectarian organization dedicated to working together with the Indigenous community to develop and articulate Indigenous perspectives in theology and practice. We encourage Indigenous learning styles and world views in our instruction as we facilitate the development of a body of written work addressing biblical, theological, and ethical issues from within Native North American and other Indigenous perspectives. We do so in concert with partners of other ethnicities whom we have invited to speak into this context. NAIITS currently has five degree program partnerships offering undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs.
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