Indigenous Studies Track

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  • Overview

    The Indigenous Studies Track offered by NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community, in partnership with Providence University College as part of their undergraduate program, is designed to introduce the student to some central issues from Indigenous communities and life, while honouring the values, traditions, and strengths inherent within the individual community. The student who chooses this track is seeking knowledge which can eventually, with further study, contribute to improving the social, spiritual, political and economic welfare of Indigenous people and the structures that support them.

    The Indigenous Studies Track focuses on the concept of a mutual learning exchange between cultures within and beyond North America. The program is multidisciplinary in nature, striving to develop each co-learner’s heart and mind through and integration of content from the disciplines of Biblical studies, emerging theologies, contemporary social theories, anthropology, missiology, church history, contextualized leadership, and spiritual formation. The program is holistic in scope, seeking to create opportunities for co-learners to gain both knowledge and experience appropriate for the 21st Century. This program maintains the heart of Providence’s mission, the study of the Bible, at its core.

    NAIITS faculty is dedicated to equipping men and women for meaningful engagement within cultural diversity, including global and local cultural contexts. The instructors for the Indigenous Studies Track are Indigenous North Americans.

    This unique track in the Providence U.C. undergraduate program provides teaching from an Indigenous worldview as communicated through followers of Jesus. Students, as co-learners, will be immersed in Indigenous perspectives, alternative epistemologies and andragogies designed to assist co-learners in the creation of informed paradigms beyond traditional Western models.
  • Details

    The faculty for the program will be provided through NAIITS. Faculty members are all highly skilled people with both practical and academic expertise with recognized degrees in relevant disciplines. Faculty members have experience as:

    • Anthropologically informed community leaders
    • Specialized practitioners capable of facilitating sustainable change within community contexts and training others to do likewise
    • Biblically and theologically informed instructors as graduates of accredited universities and seminaries
    • Church and Parachurch leaders in a variety of denominations
    • A wide range of contextualized Christian ministry

    The Curriculum Philosophy

    NAIITS has produced an adult-focused methodology (andragogy) that allows them, together with Providence, to more effectively serve Indigenous North Americans and other peoples admitted to the Indigenous Studies Track. Within this track, Providence University College and NAIITS support the education of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in the area of theological education and development that simultaneously pursues reconciliation in keeping with the TRC Calls to Action. It is with right relationship in view that this program track has been designed and will be delivered.

    Indigenous Studies Track Delivery

    Formal campus residency is not necessary for this program. The track is offered in a hybrid education format consisting of online and face-to-face learning. Students come to an approved site for a winter for the winter intensive face-to-face course or courses, with online courses being offered in the fall and spring over a two-year rotation using a Providence U.C. media equipped classroom. Through discussions and papers posted and read online, and through the acquired wisdom of shared professional experiences, a learning community is created for the transfer of information, exchange of ideas, and critical-thinking development.
  • Course Framework
    Introduction to Indigenous Studies - Jennifer LeBlanc (with Wendy Peterson)
    Fall Semester 2018 online

    Colonization and De-Colonization - Adrian Jacobs
    January 2019 intensive face-to-face

    Introduction to Asset based Ministry – Terry LeBlanc
    Winter Semester 2019 online

    Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Studies – Professor TBA
    Fall Semester 2019 online
  • Scholarship Applications
    Scholarship Application

    While not guaranteed, NAIITS attempts to offer a tuition-directed scholarship for the MA program(s), which is made available through the generosity of faculty and friends. If you believe you might qualify for the scholarship, you are encouraged to apply according to the following guidelines.

    $100 per credit hour taken per award period deemed eligible to a maximum lifetime
    award of $5000.

    Requirements for Consideration

    1. Scholarship awards are directed primarily toward Native North American, then other Indigenous peoples – in that order. Non-Indigenous students may apply and be considered, but will not be guaranteed.

    2. Scholarships will be awarded solely at the discretion of NAIITS faculty and/or administration, which may make other awards as deemed appropriate.

    3. Students must be enrolled or accepted into one of the NAIITS degree programs.

    4. Students must be enrolled full time in two consecutive semesters for the year in which the scholarship is being awarded. Full-time status for degree programs is considered reached at 6 hours per semester.

    5. Students must reapply for scholarships each year. NOTE: Subsequent withdrawal from courses to below the above level, or failure to complete courses in the semester for which the award is given will disqualify the applicant from reapplying for one full year.

    6. Applications must be received by March 1st to be considered for the April 30th awards and by July 1st to be considered for the August 30th awards respectively.

    7. Students who are applying for other student aid in their country of residence must complete and file required documents personally – they will not be filed by NAIITS.

    NOTE: Successful applicants are not prevented from applying for scholarships from other sources of funding.

    Download the Scholarship Application form here
  • Apply Now

    We are excited about your interest in studying in the NAIITS/Providence University College program. You may contact the Admissions Office of either NAIITS or Providence if you have any questions or concerns.
    Completed Paper Application:
    1. Pictures of Applicant (2)
    2. Admission Essay Answers
      1. In 300-500 words, relate your spiritual pilgrimage, assessing strengths and weaknesses.Describe your journey as a follower of Jesus.
        • If Jesus is not part of your journey, please explain other spiritual commitments that may affect your ability to study in this program.
        • Indicate how your relationship with Jesus affects your personal conduct and lifestyle.In 300-500 words, briefly describe your present vocation of ministry, highlighting your key ministry-related (a) problems, (b) areas of interest, (c) and long-term goals.
      2. In 200-300 words, describe why you are pursuing an advanced degree and what you hope to gain.
      3. Describe briefly any business, professional or other significant vocational experience that might help us in assessing your application.
    3. Non-refundable Application Fee
      • Domestic Applications - $50.00 CDN
        Note: to qualify as a domestic applicant you must be a Canadian citizen, Canadian Permanent resident or US Citizen
      • International Applications - $150 CDN
    Additional items needed to complete your application:
    1. Medical Form
    2. References (3)
      • Supervisor/Professional Reference
      • Personal Reference
      • Tribal/Community Reference
        Reference forms need to be completed and signed by your chosen referee. Forms should be mailed to NAIITS or included in your application package in separate envelopes with the referee signature on the sealed flap.
    3. School Transcripts
      • High School Transcripts
      • Post-Secondary Transcripts
    Your application, fee(s), and all supporting materials must be sent directly to

    NAIITS Admissions
    PO Box 1169
    Montague, PE C0A 1R0, Canada.

    or Emailed to:

    1. In addition to the stated enrolment target of Indigenous students and those working, or seeking to work within Indigenous contexts, NAIITS /PROVIDENCE reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance and professional qualifications.
    2. In general it is the policy of both NAIITS and PROVIDENCE in the admission of students not to discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, nationality or ethnic origin. However, as a means of providing a focused effort to address the lack of Indigenous peoples in this field, NAIITS /PROVIDENCE reserves the right to limit applicants of non-Native North American and other Indigenous descent.
    3. All questions must be answered, with the exception of those marked “optional.”
    4. An interview will be required of applicants as part of the admission process.
    5. Application materials become the property of NAIITS and Providence University College and are not returned and will not be transferred to another institution.